New Zed Website

Hi everyone, just wanted to point out (as if you hadn't noticed) the new website layout and theme. We've been working pretty seriously on the new release of Zed (2.1.1) and along with that have been planning a change to the website.

Well, as of now - it's live!

Following soon will be the official release of the 2.1.1 version of Zed Builds and Bugs Manager which will include:

  • Subversion direct integration for continuous integration, with support for multiple repositories, repository paths, and change lists for each build.
  • Eclipse Feature Builds in one build step!
  • Eclipse Update Site creation in one build step
  • An upgrade to the latest Qooxdoo Web UI toolkit
  • One click conversions of discussion forum messages into tasks
  • And lots more!

We're pretty excited about the new website and the new product, and know that you'll be excited to use it as well.

Stay tuned for more updates comming soon!