New Feature - Build Groups

Over on the General Q&A discussion forum, one of our customers asked for a feature that would help them to cut down on the number of builds that are displayed in the Build Execution Results screen. It's a great idea, and what's more important is that it's a feature request from a customer!

Believe me, the amount of weight that I give to feature requests from customers far outweighs the amount of weight that I give to feature ideas that I come up with myself. As Joel has discussed at length - it's not the amount of features that your product has that will make the difference. It's the amount of users who are happy with what your product does.

I have a laundry list of features that I'd like to add to the product - there are upwards of 70 items on my "new feature" task list at the moment. But I always hesitate to add something unless I'm really sure that it will be of value. If a customer asks for it, it's almost guaranteed to make the top of my list.

Every time I think about starting in on a new feature, I remind myself that my time is probably better spent on marketing and getting the word out about Zed Builds and Bugs. I'm always falling into the trap of leaning toward my comfort zone - writing code. I can write code all day long and never get tired. Marketing, though, that's a challenge. It's what is more important at the moment, though, so I have to catch myself every time and ensure that I do what's most beneficial.

But since a real, live customer asked for the feature - that breaks through my hesitancy and allows me to indulge in my favorite activity. The first bit of the implementation is done at this point, and as long as the continuous integration build goes through I may be pushing it to the demo site to play around with before finishing the second stage.

Thanks to all of our customers who have provided great and valuable feedback. It helps to guide what gets done next, and I'll always pay close attention to your requests.

Steven M. Cherry